Barry Erlick Bio

Barry Erlick is a doctor who performed two famous case studies regarding diseases in animals. The Barry Erlick bio for these studies takes place in the United Kingdom and Taiwan. The case studies offer important information regarding foot and mouth disease in animals. Foot and mouth disease, or FMD, usually is found in cloven-hoofed animals such as goats, pigs, and cattle. This disease poses a high risk to animals since it is the most infectious disease we know of at this time.

These diseases have not reached the animals in the United States. The case studies performed by Dr. Barry Erlick raise concerns of what will happen if the outbreak makes its way to the states. The disease is spread in the same way viruses are spread by humans. This means if one animal becomes infected with FMD other animals may begin to contract it as well. There currently is no effective vaccine for the disease and scientists are currently performing research to formulate one. 

Thane Ritchie Bio

Thane Ritchie is the owner of Ritchie Capital Management, which is a management firm located in Wheaton, Illinois. His full name is actually Aaron Roberts Thane Ritchie. The Thane Ritchie bio for the company starts off when he founded the firm in 1997. The company primarily invests alternative investments such as venture capital, energy and insurance products, and private equity markets. Thane Ritchie received his education from Duke University and Wheaton College.

Thane Ritchie is also an ex-football player who used to play for the Chicago Bears and Pittsburgh Steelers. Additionally, Ritchie is a passionate advocate whose goal is to improve the quality of life for everyone in the world. He believes that a majority of society is living an unhealthy lifestyle. This situation needs to be addressed and everyone should promote medicine and healthy living. He wants organic and natural foods to be accessible to everyone. Ritchie is also very interested in finding alternative energy sources.

Todd Tomasella Bio

Todd Tomasella is a publisher based out of Dallas, Texas. He publishes Gospel literature that is geared towards instilling the fear of God into the lost and building up Christ. The Todd Tomasella bio is mainly focused on his work. His work is available internationally and he spreads his message through gospel tracts, speaking engagements, books, discipleship, and email devotionals. Books, e-books, cds, and tracts are available for purchase on his website.

Lie of the Ages and Deceivers & False Prophets are currently his two most popular books. He also has two other books, I Die Daily and Raised Up, available for pre-order. His ministry is called SafeGuard Your Soul and it is financially supported by people who are in agreement with Todd’s beliefs and wish to see his message spread all around the world. If you support Todd’s cause you can donate to his ministry by selecting the donations link on his website. 

Author Taylor Dinerman Bio

Taylor Dinerman is an author of space publications. His works mainly focus on the space activities of the military and civilians. Taylor Dinerman’s publications cover a large range of important space topics. The author Taylor Dinerman bio began in 1982 when he started writing for newspapers. He received his education in Britain, Switzerland, and the United States.  For awhile he was actually a sales consultant for a company in Europe that represents high-end products such as Lindt Chocolates and Burberry.

His career now consists of various publications which include The Wall Street Journal, American Spectator, and Ad Astra. He currently writes for the Hudson Institute in New York and is a part-time consultant for the US Defense Department. Dinerman is also looking for major candidates seeking office at the national level since he is a political advisor. He also contributes regularly to a weekly piece for Jeff Foust’s Space Review. His articles can be viewed at

Michael Kusugak Author Bio

Michael Kusugak is an award-willing Canadian author of children’s books. The Michael Kusugak author bio begins when he was born in Repulse Bay in 1948.  There he spent the first six years of his life following the traditions of the Inuit. He was one of twelve children and survival during those years depended on their hunting skills. His passion for writing developed later in life when he was testing out a few different professions. After becoming a father he got tired of reading novels like Dr. Seuss to his children. This is what inspired him to begin writing stories based on his memories as a child.

His life influenced his work and many of his stories are focused on Arctic and Inuit culture. My Arctic 1,2,3, Baseball Bats for Christmas, and Hide and Seek are a few of the books he has published. Some of his works have even been translated into other languages such as French and Korean. He also enjoys traveling around and sharing the stories he remembers hearing as a child. Currently he resides in Rankin Inlet where he still manages to find the time to build sleds and create ice chisels. He is still very much deeply connected to the Inuit culture. 

Peter Eyvindson Author Bio

Peter Eyvindson is a Saskatchewan author who publishes children’s books. He lives in Clavet, Saskatchewan where he also is a story teller. The Peter Eyvindson author bio starts off after he completed his Bachelors’ degree in Arts and Education. He always had a strong love for books and wanted to teach children more about them. After receiving his degree he became a teacher-librarian which opened the door to help him pursue his passion.

The position only helped him fulfill his passion partially and in 1983 he decided to dedicate all his time into writing stories for children. Since that time all of the published children’s books he wrote became best-sellers. A Crow Named Joe, The Backward Brothers See the Light, Red Parka Mary, Kyle’s Bath, and Sir Thomas A. Cat are just a few of the stories he has published. His passion has now become helping the children of Haiti through Broken Wings Missions. He still writes and is expected to publish a new children’s story soon. 

Jan Miense Molenaer Bio

Jan Minese Molenaer was born in 1610 in Haarlem, which is a city in the Netherlands. He was a famous painter of the Dutch Golden Age genre. The Jan Miense molenaer bio on painting starts off similar to a man named Frans Hals. Hals was a very successful Dutch painter who may have taught Molenaer his techniques in the past. In the early stages of his career Molenaers style was very similar to Hals. His style then started to change and his career began to progress. Molenaers style then became similar to another Dutch painter, Adriaen van Ostade.

In 1636 Molenaer moved to Amsterdam with his wife. Molenaers wife, Judith Leyster, was also a genre painter and the two shared a studio together. Their individual painting styles soon blended together and from time to time it became hard to distinguish their pieces from one another. Molenaer had a very broad range of subjects but mainly focused on painting scenes and portraits. Some of his famous pieces are The Duet, The Denying of Peter, and Family Making Music.