Author Taylor Dinerman Bio

Taylor Dinerman is an author of space publications. His works mainly focus on the space activities of the military and civilians. Taylor Dinerman’s publications cover a large range of important space topics. The author Taylor Dinerman bio began in 1982 when he started writing for newspapers. He received his education in Britain, Switzerland, and the United States.  For awhile he was actually a sales consultant for a company in Europe that represents high-end products such as Lindt Chocolates and Burberry.

His career now consists of various publications which include The Wall Street Journal, American Spectator, and Ad Astra. He currently writes for the Hudson Institute in New York and is a part-time consultant for the US Defense Department. Dinerman is also looking for major candidates seeking office at the national level since he is a political advisor. He also contributes regularly to a weekly piece for Jeff Foust’s Space Review. His articles can be viewed at

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