Barry Erlick Bio

Barry Erlick is a doctor who performed two famous case studies regarding diseases in animals. The Barry Erlick bio for these studies takes place in the United Kingdom and Taiwan. The case studies offer important information regarding foot and mouth disease in animals. Foot and mouth disease, or FMD, usually is found in cloven-hoofed animals such as goats, pigs, and cattle. This disease poses a high risk to animals since it is the most infectious disease we know of at this time.

These diseases have not reached the animals in the United States. The case studies performed by Dr. Barry Erlick raise concerns of what will happen if the outbreak makes its way to the states. The disease is spread in the same way viruses are spread by humans. This means if one animal becomes infected with FMD other animals may begin to contract it as well. There currently is no effective vaccine for the disease and scientists are currently performing research to formulate one. 

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