Bio Kultida Woods

Kultida Woods is the mother of famous professional golf player Tiger Woods. She also goes by the name Tida Woods. Bio Kultida Woods – The Kultida Woods bio starts in 1944 when she was born in Thailand. Her maiden name was Kultida Punswad. Her ancestry is composed of Thai, Chinese, and Dutch heritage. Kultida married Tiger’s father, Earl Woods, in 1966 while he was stationed in Bangkok, Thailand. She was Earl Woods’s second wife. They only gave birth to one child who was Eldrick “Tiger” Woods.

The two seemed to have trouble in their marriage although they were never officially separated or divorced. During the last years of their marriage Kultida and Earl Woods lived separately. He claimed their relationship of ten years was exactly the same but they just lived in separate homes. There were alleged claims that Earl Woods had been unfaithful to Kultida. Earl Woods passed away in 2006 after battling prostate cancer.

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