Elinor Donahue Bio

Elinor Donahue (also known as Mary Eleanor Donahue) is an American actress best known for her role as Betty Anderson on the sitcom series Father Knows Best. Father Knows best aired in the 1950s and was a comedy show about the lives of a middle class Midwestern family.

The Elinor Donahue bio starts off in Tacoma, Washington. At only five years old Donahue was appearing in chorus-dancing movie roles and had several parts in films as a teen.  She received her big break when she was offered the role of the oldest daughter on the television series Father Knows Best. She then continued to make appearances on several others shows including The Andy Griffith Show and Star Trek.  Elinor also had a role in the popular movie Pretty Woman.

She still continues to make appearances in current dramas as well. Recently in September of 2010, Elinor made an appearance on the drama series The Young and the Restless. Many of her appearances are associated with the story line portrayed in Father Knows Best.

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