Jan Miense Molenaer Bio

Jan Minese Molenaer was born in 1610 in Haarlem, which is a city in the Netherlands. He was a famous painter of the Dutch Golden Age genre. The Jan Miense molenaer bio on painting starts off similar to a man named Frans Hals. Hals was a very successful Dutch painter who may have taught Molenaer his techniques in the past. In the early stages of his career Molenaers style was very similar to Hals. His style then started to change and his career began to progress. Molenaers style then became similar to another Dutch painter, Adriaen van Ostade.

In 1636 Molenaer moved to Amsterdam with his wife. Molenaers wife, Judith Leyster, was also a genre painter and the two shared a studio together. Their individual painting styles soon blended together and from time to time it became hard to distinguish their pieces from one another. Molenaer had a very broad range of subjects but mainly focused on painting scenes and portraits. Some of his famous pieces are The Duet, The Denying of Peter, and Family Making Music. 

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