Michael Kusugak Author Bio

Michael Kusugak is an award-willing Canadian author of children’s books. The Michael Kusugak author bio begins when he was born in Repulse Bay in 1948.  There he spent the first six years of his life following the traditions of the Inuit. He was one of twelve children and survival during those years depended on their hunting skills. His passion for writing developed later in life when he was testing out a few different professions. After becoming a father he got tired of reading novels like Dr. Seuss to his children. This is what inspired him to begin writing stories based on his memories as a child.

His life influenced his work and many of his stories are focused on Arctic and Inuit culture. My Arctic 1,2,3, Baseball Bats for Christmas, and Hide and Seek are a few of the books he has published. Some of his works have even been translated into other languages such as French and Korean. He also enjoys traveling around and sharing the stories he remembers hearing as a child. Currently he resides in Rankin Inlet where he still manages to find the time to build sleds and create ice chisels. He is still very much deeply connected to the Inuit culture. 

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