Peter Eyvindson Author Bio

Peter Eyvindson is a Saskatchewan author who publishes children’s books. He lives in Clavet, Saskatchewan where he also is a story teller. The Peter Eyvindson author bio starts off after he completed his Bachelors’ degree in Arts and Education. He always had a strong love for books and wanted to teach children more about them. After receiving his degree he became a teacher-librarian which opened the door to help him pursue his passion.

The position only helped him fulfill his passion partially and in 1983 he decided to dedicate all his time into writing stories for children. Since that time all of the published children’s books he wrote became best-sellers. A Crow Named Joe, The Backward Brothers See the Light, Red Parka Mary, Kyle’s Bath, and Sir Thomas A. Cat are just a few of the stories he has published. His passion has now become helping the children of Haiti through Broken Wings Missions. He still writes and is expected to publish a new children’s story soon. 

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