S. J. Savonius Bio

Sigurd J. Savonius was a Finnish engineer who invented the Savonius wind turbine in 1922. These turbines are composed of a number of aerofoils and are used to convert wind into torque. Although he is known for his turbine there really is no detailed S.J. Savonius bio. There was a previous attempt to create this type of turbine by a man named Johann Ernst Elias Bessler. Tragically he fell to his death in 1745 during construction of the turbine. The turbine exists today but it was never fully completed.

The Savonius turbine has many advantages. It is a vertical-axis wind turbine so this allows it to work when the direction of the wind changes. The setup cost of this turbine is low due to the fact that it does not need a structure to hold it in place. Its small size means it is closer to the ground which makes it easier to maintain than other turbines. It is also easy to construct and runs very quietly. The most effective use for a Savonius turbine is to generate large amounts of electricity.

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