Thane Ritchie Bio

Thane Ritchie is the owner of Ritchie Capital Management, which is a management firm located in Wheaton, Illinois. His full name is actually Aaron Roberts Thane Ritchie. The Thane Ritchie bio for the company starts off when he founded the firm in 1997. The company primarily invests alternative investments such as venture capital, energy and insurance products, and private equity markets. Thane Ritchie received his education from Duke University and Wheaton College.

Thane Ritchie is also an ex-football player who used to play for the Chicago Bears and Pittsburgh Steelers. Additionally, Ritchie is a passionate advocate whose goal is to improve the quality of life for everyone in the world. He believes that a majority of society is living an unhealthy lifestyle. This situation needs to be addressed and everyone should promote medicine and healthy living. He wants organic and natural foods to be accessible to everyone. Ritchie is also very interested in finding alternative energy sources.

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