Todd Tomasella Bio

Todd Tomasella is a publisher based out of Dallas, Texas. He publishes Gospel literature that is geared towards instilling the fear of God into the lost and building up Christ. The Todd Tomasella bio is mainly focused on his work. His work is available internationally and he spreads his message through gospel tracts, speaking engagements, books, discipleship, and email devotionals. Books, e-books, cds, and tracts are available for purchase on his website.

Lie of the Ages and Deceivers & False Prophets are currently his two most popular books. He also has two other books, I Die Daily and Raised Up, available for pre-order. His ministry is called SafeGuard Your Soul and it is financially supported by people who are in agreement with Todd’s beliefs and wish to see his message spread all around the world. If you support Todd’s cause you can donate to his ministry by selecting the donations link on his website. 

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