Why Blondes are Better than Brunettes

Here are a few reasons why blondes are better than brunettes:

1) Not as intelligent - Whether they fake it or not, blondes have a way of not being as intelligent as their male counterparts.  That makes men feel smarter and dominant.

2) Color Spectrum -  Black blends in, and blond stands out when it comes to the color spectrum.  Anything that stands out on a background we are innately drawn to.

3) Will Submit - Blondes tend to submit to whatever men want them to do.  They do not put up much of a fight compared to brunettes.

Scarlett Johansson See Through

What is it about celebrities and their see through dresses.  Once again Scarlett Johansson has opted for a pretty much see through dress at the most recent mega star move opening.  Here are my three reasons why we are drawn to the see through dress.

1) Have Not Seen Them Naked Before - It is funny how people are not searching for the latest Paris Hilton picture with a see through dress.  Quite simply, we have seen it all. The interest is in celebs that have not shown it all in a movie.

2) X-ray Vision - Almost every boy has had the fantasy of x-ray vision that would allow you to see through clothes.  Now you can.

3) Voyeurism - Good old sneaking a peek when we are not supposed to.

Is Ryan Reynolds Ticklish

One of the most often asked questions about Ryan Reynolds is whether or not he is ticklish.  Well after a grueling investigative search, we have found his three most ticklish areas.

1) Under His Arms - Just like a baby, Ryan squirms and laughs when you stick your fingers under his arm pits.

2) His Obliques - This rock hard abs do not protect him when the tickle monster goes after him at his sides.

3) His Feet - The soles of his feet are very ticklish and it is hard for him to get pedicures.